Fashion and Functional Bucket Hat

Bucket hats, also known as fisherman’s hats or session hats, feature downward-sloping wide brims in general. Most bucket hats are made from soft washed cotton, canvas, denim, tweed, etc. It’s said that such hats were adopted as fashion accessories in the 1960s. They were invented to protect the skin away from strong UV radiation at the very beginning. People gradually accept bucket hats as an kind of accessory in daily life.

Hot-selling bucket hats on the website are as follows:

No. 1 Classic Black and White Bucket Hats

A white-color fisherman’s hat could reflect light from face as much as possible while a black one could absorb light to a great extent. Both could protect your delicate skin away from heat and harmful strong UV radiation. Some small holes on crown are designed to accelerate airing. In other words, more air could in and out to accelerate sweat evaporation.

It could be washed in a washer. There is no need to worry about machine washing may lead to distortion. It bounces back to its perfect shape easily. Soft washed cotton and easy bouncing-back tendency also contribute to its popularity. Classic white and black bucket hats are also versatile in completing your outfits. It is useful to keep a low-key style or make a unique fashion statement. Neat and tiny stitches are useful to keep brim in a perfect shape.

No. 2 Hot-Selling Straw Bucket Hats

An elegant straw bucket hat is woven with some subtle patterns, which add more detailing to the beautiful straw bucket hat. In addition, a brown bow adds elegance to its minimalist design. The wine hat is finished with exquisite craftsmanship. After processed with special craftsmanship, the straw bucket hat is soft and durable. It could also be placed in your pocket and carry it with you.

Good performances in sun protection and keeping the skin fair. When one is shopping, walking a dog or gardening, it’s useful to wear the eye-catching straw bucket hat to protect the delicate skin and keep one away from harmful UV radiation. Whenever frolicking with guys like friends or families at the seaside or basking in sunshine with them, such a straw bucket hat is a perfect accessory to complete outfits varied in styles.

For the sake of special structure of straw bucket hat, adequate airing contributes to its perfect performances in perspiration evaporation. One could enjoy quality time without interference from sweaty skin and flush-red face while wearing your favorite clothes.

No. 3 Casual Denim Bucket Hat

A soft patchy denim bucket hat is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring tiny and regular stitching. In addition to help its brim in a perfect shape, the stitching in orange is also eye-catching detailing, enriching plain design through warm colors. Patchworks in different blue tones are the most attractive highlights. The special material is durable and low-key. One advantage of bucket hats rests on its functionality. There is no special requirements on face shapes or individual temperaments. Welcome to get one from the selection.

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